Get precious insights, plan your campaigns and promote your podcast

Push Notifications

Let your listeners know that a new episode is online!
Every platform manages the notifications in its own way, sometimes it doesn’t at all. With gopod.me listeners will receive a notification every time you release a new episode!


Discover how many listeners choose your podcast, where are they coming from, which is their preferred platform and if your marketing campaigns are working!
Get precious insights from your audience!!

Facebook Pixel

Get the most out of your Facebook campaigns! Here you can discover who are your listeners and use these data to target your Facebook marketing campaigns, saving money and time.


Manage and add more personalized links that will appear on your podcast page. Your podcast can be a great tool to market and sponsor other activities.
Do you sell other products or services you talk about in your podcast? This section is made for you!!

Listening Platforms

Personalize which listening platforms are listed in your podcast page. iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify and much more!! Enable or hide your preferred ones and personalize the links.

Email Subscriptions

Create the form to collect listeners' emails.
Emails are still one of the best ways to engage with your audience and share your world.
Start here to engage with your audience!

Create your page and share your podcast in less than a minute

URL Editor

Change the URL (domain) of your show and the URL of all your episodes. Personalize them to achieve higher brand awareness and to make your podcast easy to share!


Integrate gopod.me into any webpage to improve your marketing promotion online.
A website tells people the whole story, a landing page goes directly to the point. If you want to be sharp and remarkable, use gopod.me to convey listeners directly to your podcast!!

Spotify Link Editor

Add Spotify link into all of your pages and let your listeners choose the listening platform they prefer!

Background Color

Manage your personal page's background colors. The available combinations are more than infinite!
Choose the one which emphasizes your brand and is more effective for you and your podcast.
Make your podcast page unique and recognizable!

Social Media

Let’s improve your marketing effectiveness showing your presence online!
It this section you can add your social links and send your listeners to your channels.

Text Box

Managing the copy of your podcast description it's extremely important.
On one side it helps you to create a deeper connection with your audience, on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to insert some SEO words and rank on Google.
You can do it here!

Features Order

Organize your page's space and manage the position of the features and get a preview of your page!.
Remember to prioritize not only the sections giving you more value but the ones bringing value to your listeners.