31: Marvellous Things Happen - nerdfest Podcast: Movies, TV, Trivia and Fun!

It’s "Captain Marvel" review time, the majority of which we spend trying to come up with our own synopsis. Once we get that established however, we have a lively debate about the film’s merits and shortcomings. In another inspired quiz, Ian borrowed the DeLorean to ask his 5 year old self to describe 10 famous movies, while the rest of us try and guess it from his cryptic clues. And we start the show with our reviews section - including the "RBG" documentary and it’s cinematic counterpart, "On The Basis Of Sex". Peter enrols us in the "Umbrella Academy", and Ian plays a new game he found to comfort him after being too terrified by an "Alien" videogame. Meanwhile, Jon can't make up his mind WHAT to cover, so he attempts to review the entirety of human existence.


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