#26 A Holistic Dentist Meets A Holistic Pharmacist with Dr. Claudia Patch - The Big Mouth Pharmacist

Dental hygiene is among the most important part of overall health and to examine why, Neal is joined by Dr. Claudia Patch. Claudia explains how exactly sugar leads to tooth decay; what the most important tooth care habits are to maintain as a bare minimum; the effect of acid on teeth; the safest way to whiten teeth; how to prevent periodontal disease; and everyone’s favorite conspiracy - the truth about fluoride. (It’s good for your teeth, no matter what Alex Jones says). Find Claudia at https://www.tischlerdental.com/ Please check out https://www.woodstockvitamins.com/ Twitter @BigmouthRPH, Instagram @woodstockvitamins Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WoodstockVitamins/ Email questions to podcast@woodstockvitamins.com Blog https://www.woodstockvitamins.com/blogs/learn


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