Alexander Bell - How To Live in Love

Alexander Bell

It is said that the most important journey to be made in life is the journey from our head back to our heart. And it is true.

Most people are in touch with their heart to some degree and they come and go from there, depending on their surroundings, their mood, who they are with and even what they have eaten. But is it really possible - and practical - to be aware of our heart all of the time? And if so, how can we re-establish ourselves - our conscious awareness - back in the beautiful realm of peace and light that exists within every one of us?

These broadcasts will answer these questions in the most practical way possible, so that you may experience the answers for yourself. They will guide you towards bringing your body and mind back into alignment so that consciousness can flow in perfect harmony through every cell, allowing you to experience the deep beauty of who you truly are and what life truly is.

The flow of physical, emotional and mental energy within us is always looking for balance, so our primary task is to lead a balanced life so that we are not engaged in a constant struggle to bring ourselves back into alignment, which is where most of our energy is used on a daily basis.

These broadcasts will very clearly highlight the ways in which we create struggle and difficulty for ourselves on the many levels of our being, and shine a bright light on the way forward – “The Middle Way” as The Buddha called it.

As we bring more awareness, more light and more love into our lives through greater care and consciousness of our thoughts, words and actions, the world simply reflects this back to us. This is evolution; a beautiful and never-ending journey toward greater realms of light, beauty, joy, peace and consciousness. And this journey is never made alone…

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