35: Sex And Cookies - nerdfest Podcast: Movies, TV, Trivia and Fun!

How do you become a guest on the Nerdfest podcast? Sex and cookies, apparently. This time we have a new voice amongst our nerds, Andy, who joins us for an extra long spoiler special on 'Avengers: Endgame', now that most of the world has seen it (Some of us three times!) In the second part of the show we go scene-by-scene, discussing the fate of many beloved characters, whilst also pondering the eternal question: "How do you spoon a raccoon?" We open the show with lots of new recommendations: Jon reviews one of the best horror movies he’s ever seen,'The Babadook', now released on Amazon Prime. Hazel has been mesmerised by new Netflix documentary 'Knock Down the House' about four women vying to replace long-serving Congressmen in the 2018 House race. Peter explores the new 'What We Do In The Shadows' TV show based on the Taika Waititi movie. And finally Andy has a solution for anyone who has a beef with Bear Grylls - try and cause him harm in the new and interactive choose-your-own-adventure series, 'You vs. Wild'.


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