Ep. 95 You're being Lazy - Motivation And Confidence

Nothing should stop you from pursuing your dream. If you are being lazy listen to this podcast to get the mental shift to stay on course to your personal greatness. Some common excuses for being lazy:1. Excuses I got a lot on my plate 2. I don't have enough time 3. It's too hard 4. It's too much work 5. Job is demanding6. Taking care of the kid's7. Life is too much 8. I need some rest 9.1 I started but then I stopped 10. I stopped because ......11. I don't have anyone to help me I2. I don't have money or investorsHarlem based Rap Artist Tommy Danger - The Now and Laterman gave Now and Laters at Local Hip Hop events in exchange for email addresses. This led to the creation of the Mixtape series The Now & Laterman volumes 1 - 10. He has released 13 independent music projects, hosts Motivation and Confidence Podcast weekly and the Author of the E-Book Motivation and confidence Vol. 1 - The 7 StepsJoin our Mailing list http://bit.ly/mac1freeLife Coach: http://bit.ly/coach_tomdangerGo Shop http://bit.ly/2nrcVRrT-Shirt http://bit.ly/MacteesFollow me on https://www.Instagram.com/tomdangerFollow me on https://www.Twitter.com/tomdangerFollow me on https://www.Facebook.com/tomdangeVisit the website https://www.tomdanger.com


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