Sheer Clarity

J. Kevin McHugh

The podcast that helps you become a more confident, thoughtful, and successful leader. In under 30 minutes each week, you’ll get access to more than 25 years worth of conversations and coaching that have been shared with thousands of CEO’s in management retreats, small group sessions, intimate coaching engagements and more. This show will help you find your intersection of business acumen focused on results, self-awareness in the secular setting, and spiritual awakening for your meaning and purpose in this world. Many super-smart and, successful people wield power over others but struggle to eliminate the self-sabotaging behaviors which cause a loss of reputation and influence. So whether you think you’ve been on top of your game for 30+ years, or you’re just starting the long journey to get ahead, Kevin will guide you to be a more confident, thoughtful leader. These powerful stories and institutional experiences will help you get woke, with a healthy mix of emotional intelligence and experiential learning like drum beating, dancing, sweat lodges, and smudging ceremonies, but without the mess, extra noise, or boring corporate training models. These stories will help you connect with yourself and tap into the best you have to offer in order to excel.


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