EP17 - Preserving the season: Summer - Cooking with an Italian accent

Both my mum and my grandma influenced my love for preserving.It would be reductive to describe it as a habit or a hobby; I feel an ancient urge to bottle, can, or preserve whatever the season offers with abundance. It is my personal way to celebrate the passing of seasons: a hymn to seasonality, a respectful homage to the humble produce. Preserving is also one of my favourite way of procrastinating. When I am busy with deadlines and projects, this is when I try to steal time to preserve.Follow me to explore my mum’s pantry and my grandma’s memories, a walk through the best summer preserves, from tomato sauce to blackberry jam.Recipes mentioned in this episode:- Passata di pomodoro, tomato purée: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/tomato-puree-or-as-we-call-it-the-preserve - Pomarola, tomato sauce: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/pomarola-italian-tomato-sauce - Concentrato di pomodoro, tomato paste: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/tomato-paste- Apple and blackberry jam: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/apple-and-blackberry-jam - Apricot jam: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/apricot-jam - Harvest jam: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/grape-harvest-and-september-jam - Blueberry jam: https://en.julskitchen.com/dessert/cakes-pies/recipes-with-blueberries- Spicy tomato jam: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/spicy-tomato-jam-for-cheese - Pickled cauliflower: https://en.julskitchen.com/preserves/home-made-holiday-food-gifts - Minestrone from scratch: https://en.julskitchen.com/first-course/soup/minestrone-from-scratch I’d love to hear from you: Which is your relationship with preserving? Do you have a favourite preserve you usually make during summer?Let me know with a DM on Instagram or an email at info@julskitchen.comFind me online at www.julskitchen.com or on Instagram https://instagram.com/julskitchen/ Join our Facebook Group Cooking with Juls’ Kitchen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/775325049335625/ Podcast realized by https://instagram.com/tommyonweb


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